Our Approach

In our shop, we are part of birthing reclaimed wood into new life for the tables of our homes.  Our natural edge cheese boards, placemats, tables, larger charcuterie boards.  and grazing boards ,crafted from various types of wood, are food safe, rustic, artistic, hand-made, and environmentally healthy.  As much as  possible, we are "green Canadian artisans", sourcing locally, using repurposed wood, and finishing with human- friendly products.  

We take what is often discarded and make creations of beauty for your dining pleasure. We are pleased to offer a variety of hand made local products to enrich your enjoyment of the bounty of our Canadian life.

  • Former Georgina minister spending retirement as artisit

    Georgina resident Bill Major did not think he would be spending his retirement as a wood artisan...

    But thats exactly what happened!

    Before he retired he was a minister with the United Church

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  • Port Bolster wood artisan hopes Stage 3 brings uptick in sales

    York region's move to Stage 3 couldn't come fast enough for Bill Major.

    Mr. Major, a wood artisan who specializes in live-edged woodcraft, is one of dozens of local Georgina artists and artisans who have been financially impacted by the pandemic.

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  • Bill Major is a local artist from the Port Bolster area that specializes in naturally-treated wood cheese boards and placemats

    A former United Church minister, Bill is now spending his retirement as a wood artisan. Each hand crafted product is locally sourced from a saw mill, then air dried for 4 months and treated with 10 coats of food safe and eco-friendly hemp seed oil and 2 coats of bees wax.

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